waking up in silence

A former military barracks of the Wehrmacht now serves as a refugee camp for people from Ukraine.
“Waking up in silence” accompanies the children on their journey, where their own history meets that of the barracks. A moment between past and future, war and silence, departure and arrival, which depicts a portrait of German history and its present through the eyes of its young protagonists.


73. Berlinale – Generation Competition, Germany
*Jury Special Prize* for Best International Shortfilm at Generation KPlus Competition

54. Visions du Réel – International Shortfilm Competition, Switzerland


directors, writers, producers, editors | Mila Zhluktenko, Daniel Asadi Faezi
cinematographer | Tobias Blickle
sound recordist & dramaturgical consultant | Kristina Kilian
co-producer | Andrii Kotliar (Babylon’13)
music | Anton Baibakov and Dewey Martino
re-recording mixer, sounddesign | Andrew Mottl
color grading | Nicholas Coleman – OASYS Digital
title design | Paul Rutrecht
filmstock | Kodak
festival distribution | Square Eyes
2023 |  17 minutes | Documentary | 16mm | DCP 5.1 |  Ukrainian and Russian with English subtitles
© Lotas Film | Daniel Asadi Faezi | Babylon’13


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