slowly forgetting your faces


It’s been 30 years since my father last read the letters.
Letters from times of war.
Letters from friends and family in Iran.
Letters from a home my father left behind to follow his older brothers abroad.
Letters whose replies have been lost.
Most of them were written to him by his youngest brother –
my Uncle Ebi.


Langsam vergesse ich Eure Gesichter
(en: slowly forgetting your faces)


a Daniel Asadi Faezi Production in cooperation with University of Television and Film Munich
producer, director | Daniel Asadi Faezi
assistant director | Narges Kalhor
cinematography | Lukas Nicolaus
2nd camera | Rita Hajjar
gaffer | Finn Gosch
set design | Julius Titze
projection mapping | Lichtgestalten
grip | Laura Kansy
sound&edit | Philip Hutter
make-up | Mila Zhluktenko
editor | Ulrike Tortora
music | Andy Aged & KAVALL
color grading | Nicholas Coleman / OASYS
funded by FFF Bayern


2021 (in postproduction) | Germany | 80 minutes | Documentary | German, Farsi, Azerbaijani (with english subtitles)