in search of

IN SEARCH OF is a poetic quest for something that is getting invisible. The film visualises reasons and consequences of the disappearing pashtoon culture along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. A cinematic time capsule on something that is about to get lost.

70. Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland 2017
International Student Film Festival Belgrade, Serbia 2017
FiSH Rostock, Germany 2018 – WINNER Sputnik Award
Fusion Festival Lärz, Germany 2018
Field Recordings 3, Rotterdam, Netherlands 2021
Aesthetica Shortfilm Festival, UK 2021
Released worldwide by nowness

Zaman Khan
Aftaab Jan
Sohaib Jan
Natasha Zubair

directed, produced, shot & edited | Daniel Asadi Faezi
co-directed and written | Sadam Badshah
music | Fasih Ullah
re-recording mix | Andrew Mottl
color grading | Claudia Fuchs

watch full movie online:

2017 | Pakistan | 6 minutes | fiction | Cinemascope | pashto OV with english subtitles